Saturday, 1 May 2010

Some photos of the shop furniture

This is one of the dressers we bought ages ago and painted up for a shop fitting. it looks stunning. The top is a bit messy with plaster dust at the moment...everything needs a good wipe down. This is the other dresser, it's since been painted as well and looks really good. It's drying at the moment so i'll post a photo tomorrow.

We got this last week, it's modern but we thought it might make a nice fitting. I think it would look stunning painted white, but Gav thinks it'll be too much white.

This is our favourite piece of furniture. We picked up this dresser from Potters for about £3. I love all the curves on it and the art deco style, and i especially love the feet.

These we got from the auction for a small amount of money, they're going up on the wall, they're so decorative.