Monday, 26 April 2010

Update on Shop

We finally got our planning permission through last week and can open the shop,
we're jumping for joy!!!
There is still so much to think about, the shop area at the moment looks like a junk shop, with fittings everywhere and the mess on the floor from the plastering is soul destroying. I've started to clean it all up off the carpet, but it's like peeing in the wind! The electricians have been in, what a complication that was! They were really baffled, the wiring was bizarre and some of it quite dangerous, they weren't best pleased or very complimentary about the workmanship, Gav and I stayed quiet!!! we have the most fantastic lighting throughout the shop.
The whole shop area was painted over the weekend with the help of Gav's parents, so now it's all a gorgeous bright white colour. There's still work to do regarding the door and disability access, (it has to be lowered to pavement level), but that's sceduled in for next week.
In the meantime, i'll be cleaning and wiping all the fittings down and planning where it will all go.
So, my next blog will be some nice progress photos.
Have a nice Day