Monday, 10 May 2010

Cupboard and Counter projects

I needed to do something with this cupboard, we bought it for the shop and is very nice, but didn't wash down very well. It's quite old so we didn't really want to paint it (although i thought it would look stunning in eggshell white)...i found some of this interesting wallpaper amongst my collage/mixed media supplies and fitted it to the back. the cupboard before the paper was put in, looks pretty scrubby doesn't it?
This is the "counter" for the shop...or part of it anyway, i painted it in Indigo...we think it looks great, the picture doesn't do it justice

Close up...see the parrot design and the legs are interesting too...very Alice in Wonderland(ish)
This little cupboard will go at the side of the counter in an L-shape, the drawer is missing, but Gav's going to put a shelf in there to store bags etc
Sneaky Preview...
Some stock for the shop.
These arrived the other day, the house smells delicious
and well as lots of other goodies
These are just a few of the vintage items we have for sale, they currently reside on top of our kitchen cupboards, they look so pretty i won't want to part with them!!!
This is one of the reproduction signs we also looks lovely on my wall!!
Hanging baskets and window boxes my mum did for us recently to put at the front of the shop, they'll look lovely when they've grown a bit, getting lots of sunshine and rain at the moment....and this is my beautiful Amber...(well Nicci's Amber, i'm looking after her)...who's a poorly girl at the moment. She has a hip problem and has been limping quite badly...i don't think the stairs here have done her much good..i took her to the vets this morning and she's been given some pain killers...bless her. She seems a little bit better after she'd taken one, i have to see how she goes over the next few days and she may have to have an x-ray if she doesn't get better. She's enjoying being sat in the sunshine here...she does look a bit miserable , she has awful trouble getting up and down.