Monday, 20 February 2012

New art...and a rock star

My computer seems to be working now, at least intermittently.  It takes about three hours for it to get started but it works on occasion.  Gav is on the case for a new one but i can't make up my mind whether, firstly, i want one and/or what to have if i do.  We have three in the house so at least i can use the other ones (even if they are slow).  Someone (my lovely sister, Karen) recently referred to computers as "time stealers" and it got me thinking.  I have my computer in my art room and when i have a creative blank or am waiting for paint/glue to dry i tend to reach for it and browse far too often, usually finding that before i realised it i've spent an hour or more doing nothing and what i should have been doing, or at least what would have been far more constructive, was to be preparing the backgrounds on my next piece of art work.

So...that's my dilemma.  In the meantime, here's what i've painted recently whilst i've been trying to decide:
This one is on canvas, which is something i never work with usually, it was just hanging around so i thought i'd give it a go.
It was fairly easy to work with but i must admit that i prefer a wood substrate which, i think, is a lot more forgiving.  It wasn't as easy to rub back the colours and the backgrounds took longer to do.
I really like this piece, there\are lots of layers in the background, i've used old book pages, maps, wallpapers, ephemera and lots of colour.

This next piece is on wood, i finished it over the weekend and i love it.

I love the colours in this one, i played for ages and it was only when i added the distress inks at the end that i knew it was perfect.  It doesn't have the background layers that most of my collages have so required more work with paint, but it was nice for a change.

So...Monday today...our day off...and Gav and i have decided to do nothing, absolutely zilch.  It's past midday and i haven't even dressed yet.  I'm going to have a long soak in the bath later, i need to be lazy today.  We've had a busy weekend with visits from friends on Saturday.  Our middle floor corridor became a filming studio (Effigy Music) for an hour or so to film an interview with Deke Leonard about his new book.

Some of the Effigy team at lunch in our kitchen
L-R top Gav, Tony
L-R bottom Gina, Deke and Nick

Gav went to a boot sale on sunday morning at Churchstoke, and came home with this kitchen dresser (always amazes me how people fit these into their boots).  Actually it got delivered later in the afternoon, he was a bit worried that i wouldn't like it, but it's gorgeous, very old and very suited to our ever-changing kitchen.
I've also managed to fill my Etsy shop with some new items, and i have a few more to go in today, have a look,
"Human nature is above all things lazy"

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Slower than the proverbial...

...slow boat to China..

My computer died, it just gave up on me and left me bereft and wondering whether it was the the glass of red wine that i tipped over the keyboard or the glass of Baileys that Nicci tipped over it (Nicci's wondering too!!)

Either way it's stopped working and now i have to look for another one, in the meantime i'm using the one in the shop, which is.... wading through treacle.  So, i've not been able to show you the art photographs i've taken or the latest ones of the shop, so bear with me.

However......I am so loving this furniture...

I could find somewhere to put all of this in the house!
(might have to chuck a few things out mind you)

These bits and pieces of furniture are what Gav and i are thinking of collecting and selling at Indigo Moon, we've seen some really nice cupboards recently and there are only two problems! one is finding room in the shop and the other is whether i could bear to part with them!