Monday, 31 May 2010

I won an award.....

So first award. Thanks to my lovely new friend Jo ( Thank you so much, and it was so lovely to meet you too. I've never won an award before so not entirely sure what i need to do. Gavin collected it and put it on here...he's such a darling.
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post with regards to the shop. I've been in the clouds this last week. We've had so many visitors and have sold lots of things, but the most overwhelming has been people's responses to the shop in general, given that i was so worried about actually making it look like a shop. When the time came to setting out the stock my heart was only half in it after losing my gorgeous little dog, Amber....i'm heartbroken and spent most of the time in tears (still do), i miss her so much....but nearly everyone commented on how beautiful the shop looked, one lady referred to it as a work of art in itself!!!
I sold one of my textile wall hangings i made with my new sewing machine, to a lovely Montgomery lady who was moving away, she loved it and i've sold a few of my flower brooches too. I love selling my own artwork.
Ok, i'm off to bed now, goodnight everyone. xx