Monday, 17 May 2010

New shop door...

This is our new door for the shop entrance, painted in indigo. The builder has been fantastic and should be finishing off today.

This is what it looked like yesterday morning, as you can see the builder has to put in some more wood around the frame, fit some skirting board and fill the gap between the bottom of the door and the ramp with concrete.
This is the floor and rails painted with a first coat of paint. The floor wasn't good but a lick of paint has transformed it. It looks different again as i'm posting as Alan has now completed the frame, put the skirting boards in and is currenty mixing the concrete...i'll post more photos later.

This is the door from the outside, the bottom lip of the door will be painted in Indigo too, it's just undercoat on it at the moment. We're thinking of having the shop name in small letters just over the door...and we have a lovely hanging sign for just above it too.

The brick building next door is the Post office, so as you can see the shop is a little off the square.
But not far, just around the corner...

This is the other view down Kerry Street and it's also a route to the castle.
We just have to make sure people know we're here