Sunday, 10 April 2011


I took some photos yesterday of our daily walk to the Offas Dyke path, into England (Shropshire) and back to Wales. It's about a four mile circuit and Lizzie loves it, as long as there are no sheep in the field she can go off the lead. She's grown so much, still a puppy and naughty but so gorgeous, we're all really enjoying her. Nicci's here this weekend and looked after the shop for us so we could go off and enjoy the sunshine, she was still suffering from her late night party on friday to come with us!!!

We all had a lovely evening meal when we got back and popped over to the Dragon for a drink with friends, nice end to a lovely day.

"Peace of mind makes the body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer"- Bible

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wedding Fever...

I know i wasn't going to post again before the wedding but i'm so excited and i'm sorry if i bore you all! As stressful it's been, i've been relaxing and putting the finishing touches to everything. I'm just finishing off the Order of Service booklet which, hopefully, is going to be rather special, can't say anymore and my "To Do" list is getting shorter by the minute. My next job is to write the guests names on the placecards which are all made up and look beautiful. I just thought i'd post a few weddingy images to go with my mood, these are some of the colours i'm using.

Olive Green

Fuschia Pink Purple Cream Shoes to die for...I'm feeling rather nervous now it's all getting closer, we have over forty friends and relatives arriving on the Friday before, as wellas those who're local, so we'll have an open house here at The Armoury, lots of friends popping in to say hello, and all Gav's family are arriving as well as my lovely sister and her family. We're then having a big get together at the Dragon Hotel in the evening with everyone, we've ordered a buffet meal, but it will be interspersed with a rehearsal and then loads of us girls going over to the Town Hall to put covers and bows on the chairs, the caterers will be there too setting out the tables and putting cloths on them, so it should be fun, everyone's involved. Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes, a must at this wedding, because they'll look amazing. We have the most gorgeous cake stands in the shop, they look fab on them, we've ordered them and pick them up the day before, six different flavours, i need to put the wrappers on them and put ribbon around them....well... there'll be loads of people around on the friday so we can all have a go!


Cheesecake, isn't it fab? Our caterer is going to do one for Gav...can't remember which cheeses now as gav decided that with her, but it will be three tiers and gorgeous.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is all fruit cake, hence the sponge cup cakes. We're going to need a bigger cake table methinks!!!!!

The last few days have been really overwhelming, we've had loads of people turning up with gifts, cards and good wishes, and so much help has been offered, which gav and i needed as it's been quite a struggle getting everything done. We've now got someone to run the shop for us whilst we're away so thats a relief.

Apart from cleaning i think the rest of the time now can be spent winding down and meeting up with friends, i'm having a hen party on Tuesday in the Checkers, not sure what it'll entail as it's been arranged by others, but it'll be fun and i'm looking forward to it.

So, this is the last post before the big day now, i'll post all the piccies as soon as i can and afterwards, when all the guests have gone and our life resumes some normality, i have tons of ideas for my artwork, which i can't wait to get on with and share with everyone.

"What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another shoud rest on the same pillow"

- Nathaniel Hawthorne