Sunday, 2 May 2010

Excitement and Anxiety

"I am just like you. A girl who is always learning.
A woman whose soul is vibrant with inspiration.
A creative spirit that is expressive and sensitive.
We are all connected, intertwining in this creative life.
It's because of this that i believe in the power
of telling our stories - the stories of how we muster up our courage and leap and dance and breathe our way
into our creative dreams."...
Kelly Rae Roberts
I have an inner voice, a voice that is sometimes difficult to block out, a voice i want to shout out at, to tell it to go away and leave me alone...a negative whisper, telling me i can't do this...
...I also have an "outer" inner voice, shouting out that "life" is calling me, telling me i can do this, that this is what i'm meant to do, that i'm clever, talented and lovely...
As you know i'm excited beyond belief at getting the planning permission for my shop, i know it's going to be great. I (we) have worked so hard, under extreme duress too, to get where we are now, and the mist is, at last, starting, to clear.
I found these photos on some blogs that i've been following, i hope my ideas for the vintage part of the shop look this spetacular.
We have gorgeous old bottles dug up from a victorian landfill, they need a good clean but i can just see them in the shop decorated with pretty flowers and pearls and beads.

These shelves in this photo are filled with such interesting things and displayed beautifully, i often despair at whether i have the ability to achieve this sort of "interestingness".

We've have everything you see in all these lovely photos, the antique jars and bottles, the vintage cutlery, tins, fabric, lace. book, trugs, troughs, beads, buttons, watch faces as well as some stunning art, jewellery and contemporary gifts - we've picked our stock carefully and
I just hope i can achieve this look.
"The whispers of our lives want us to take notice,
to nuture their message and to discover our own potential. Whether they're quietly nudging us from time to time with long periods of busy silence in between,
or annoying us with their persistence,
their presence is important and meaningful.
We must listen..."
Kelly Rae Roberts