Saturday, 12 June 2010

Now... on to creative things...

But first, i must show you these gorgeous little houses i got from East of India for the shop, i call them "Montgomery Houses" very Georgian, they're so cute.

Today i got a little time to myself to sort out my art room and even do a little creating. This is my fabric/sewing table, i found a lovely old vintage bedspread and used it as a throw on the chair.

and this is what i started work on today, it's a panel for a bag i'm making, the red bits are flowers i've yet to do the stems and leaves.

Close up...can you see the face?
This is a vintage apron i found, i'm going to take a pattern from it and make some of my own, i'll keep you posted as they develop.
It's been fab in the shop today, really busy, Gavin did most of the work there, we've had so many visitors, we did really well. Tomorrow i have to source some more teapots, they seem to be quite popular with everyone at the moment (last week it was jugs and tea cups), i had some really pretty vintage ones and they're flying off the shelves, which is good!
Oh! and as you know i received an award from my friend Twiglet and i have to say where i will be in ten years time. Well, i'll be here in gorgeous Montgomery, surrounded by loads of lovely, supportive people and my (soon to be) wonderful husband, and gorgeous, clever daughhter, hopefully, doing what i do now, only more proficient! How's that for positiveness? and i'll also have another lovely puppy to love.
Thanks everyone :)