Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ludlow's Vintage Fair

I managed to get away last Saturday to Ludlow (fortunately, not too far away) to the Vintage Fair, I specifically wanted to see Viv Sliwka's work (, which i must say was even more beautiful up close than the photo's she has on her gorgeous blog. This was her stall, i really hope she doesn't mind me showing this, she allowed me to take photo's but i haven't actually asked her permission to put any on this blog!!!!! The stall was delightful, i didn't know where to look first and i wanted to pick up everything and touch it. I managed to have a quick chat with Viv, she was so lovely and such a clever talented lady.

I bought this, he he! my first piece of original art, which i've decided i'm going to collect, it's adorable, i can't stop looking at it.