Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Some Photos of my new Art far

Still have loads of work to do in here, but have at least set things out so it's usable.
This is the seating area (looking for a nice rug/carpet to put in this area and a nice table cloths to cover the tables. The back behind the sofa wall will make a nice display area for completed art...(currently on the floor), in fact all the walls can be used for that, there's enough space for me to have a design wall too, so i'm currently thinking about avery large fabric covered board where i can pin notes on ideas and inspiration. We fouund a lovely big sturdy table for the printer, we wanted something really good so we could do art prints of my work, Gav's having a great time with it, he's falso ound some vintage posters that he can print on there in order to sell in the shop, they've come out fab so far, (although he says he needs to play about with the colours a bit more...such a perfectionist) i think they look fab. The little table to the right is my embellishing table and the one on the left is my sewing table. The floor boards in here are fab, they're so old and uneven, the light coloured square on the floor is where we think the post hatch may have been used for the post office back in the day... Sewing Table
Painting Table
This is the opposite end of the room to the sofa
Completed Art
Vintage ephemera for collage

I now need to find some pretty lace netting to go over the windows, some pretty curtains and some decent lighting. I think once all that is sorted and the rest of my supplies are sorted out, it'll be perfect. If/when we get permission to open the shop, i can work in there and also work in here creating art to go in the shop.

"When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life" - Greg Anderson