Saturday, 6 March 2010

Topsy Turvey

Hmmm....having a funny few days, i feel like a character out of Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree (OMG...i love that book), i used to read it to nicci when she was young, remember Toffee Shocks and Pop Biscuits, silky the fairy, dame washalot, moonface and saucepan man...ha, everyone should read that book!!!! Anyway...yesterday whilst cooking tea, i prepared the veg and as i went to rinse them in a colander under the tap, for some odd reason i squirted washing up liquid on them..... took me an hour (instead of five minutes) to get the soap bubbles off them!! even when i served them up i was sure i could still taste remnants of soap. Also as i was going out, i'd decided in my mind that i would first clean my teeth and then put some make-up on, but my brain was topsy turvy (one of the lands in the magic faraway tree) and i ended up putting toothpaste on my make up brush!!!!
I feel back to normal today, Gav and i are going for our daily walk up to the castle and then we're coming back to bagels, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and coffee......weekend treat.
"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast"
- John Gunther
Well.....not always, but for today anyway