Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Not enough hours....

Now that the weather has warmed up a little and i don't feel so cold (Ha!), i can venture back into my new art studio. Yesterday I created all day and the results were fab, so watch out for some new paintings in my next blog later today!!!! I say later because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the things i want to do. I have so many projects ongoing and i'm finding it really hard to concentrate fully on them. I've taken the photos and will do a huge blog later when i've photoshopped them, but right now i want to make some jewellery, i have some ideas that i just have to get out of my head before they disappear!

On top of all this there's preparation for the shop to think about, Gav has had to fire proofed the shop wall (putting up extra layers of plasterboard), it had to be done, but what a mess, everything is covered in dust. We're just waiting to see whether he has to do the other side or whether he can just put up another layer on the wall he's done, if he has to do the other side it will mean having to remove kitchen units. It's a phenomenal amount of work to contemplate. The upside is that the electrician has been here today and will be coming back next week to fit all our lovely spotlights in the shop and some other works, it'll take him a day and a half to complete. We're going to move out all the furniture and paint the whole shop area including the floor. We have so many gorgeous shop fittings that we'll need to spend some time re-organising it all, we've bought some extra pieces as we had some more space to fill once we realised the stairs weren't going in just yet.

It was so exciting today as i received another delivery of items for the shop, i'm keeping things a secret now, but i was in my element unpacking, checking etc. We are due to receive two very large orders over the next week or so and still have some orders to place yet. All these items have to be entered onto our stock register which will be such a massive job, Gav's already started it. We have the till(s) which will be connected up to the computer and we found the most adorable vintage wooden one at the auction a few weeks ago, now we have to decide which one to use, the vintage one that gives a loud ding when the drawer is opened, it's so cute, all in working order, we just have to decide whether to use it or sell it!!!!!

In addition to all this I'm doing a talk at the local ladies club in the next few weeks, i've already chosen my topic so will have to make some notes and printouts soon, i'm also going to run some craft workshops - i've thought of a few things to do, but will need some input from those involved. Ideally i would like to do some workshops with children, there's something really refreshing and innocent about a childs artistic abilities don't you think?