Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Indigo Moon

One of the most difficult things we've had to do recently regarding the shop was choose a name! We'd wanted "Montgomery Gallery", but having had to scale things back we didn't think the word "gallery" would suit anymore. Gav came up with Montgomery Emporium, but we thought it sounded too grand. My sister came up with a fab name of "civil occasions", but we'd decided we couldn't sell the ceramic tableware we'd originally planned, so that didn't suit either. We ended up with having just a day to pick one and design a logo, as those "lovely" people from planning needed a design of the sign! So here it is. I think the name suits.
This is the shop area at the moment. Gav's demolished the dividing wall between what was the living room and the old shop entrance. You can see Diana Forrester's old steps down into the shop, which we'll be keeping.
He he!!! that monstrous black thing on the chair in the middle of the room is a solid cast iron safe...weighs a ton. The previous owners left it in one of the upstairs rooms and we had to get a neighbour to help us move it downstairs. We wondered what we were going to do with it, but found out that scrap metal is quite valuable at the moment and got £120 for it, plus the guy collected it and took it away. £120 for nothing....yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!
It looks a mess, but it's sort of organised. It looks much better without the wall there, much bigger, can't wait to get started on decorating in here. Gav's got some fabulous spotlights to put up and we're just placing our stock orders...can't wait.