Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gorgeous new stock...

We've had in some lovely new door and cupboard knobs/handles at Indigo Moon, it's taken ages to open all the boxes up and check each item for damage, and that everything has been delivered but we've done it.  Now all that remains is to find room in the shop!!!
...Easier said than done methinks!


...and these lovely rustic spice boxes

We've been a bit busier in the shop today, quite a few people in and all seem to be buying, which is good for January/february.  Gav is on the last day of tax returns and should be finished later this afternoon, poor love has been holed up in his little room glued to online tax returns, and up to his eyes in receipts and invoices but, hopefully it should calm down for him after today.

We'll be getting the middle floor corridor cleaned up later now that all the painting has been done, the floorboards need a good clean and the carpet/runner should be arriving this week - i'm so excited.  That corridor is a major part of the house and it's always looked like a store room, it's exciting to see it, at last, looking part of a proper cosy home.

I decorated some moleskine notebooks yesterday for my etsy shop and real shop!  I didn't have time to put the photos on but i did get one on Flickr... http://www.flickr.com/photos/18810514@N05/6790547697/in/photostream 

have a look!  I did ten altogether, all with different pictures on them, they also have part of the story on the back.  I got them from an old 1940's/50's bedtime annual, the book was of no value in that most of the pages were missing, scribbled on etc, but they look great like this.  I'll photo the rest in my next post.
Have a nice Tuesday everyone