Monday, 9 January 2012

Creating again.....

I can't tell you how i feel having a permanent new work room back in my life, it's heavenly and very healing.  The only downfall at the moment is that i'm so busy in the shop ordering and checking new stock and house organising and decorating that i haven't had as much time as i'd like to spend in there.  However, i did manage a few hours over the weekend and i started a new piece. 
I've had a few customers in the shop asking for my "vases of flowers" art, and as i'd sold the previous three i'd done, i thought i'd do some more. This is a quite a large piece and i've only photographed the bottom half of it. I'm really enjoying building up the layers of paint and collage at the moment, i've no idea when it will be finished or what it will eventually look like!

 and i have company whilst working.  Lizzie sits in the room with me, she loves the windowsil, people watching, every now and then she'll start wagging her tail as someone walks by down on the street.  But her favourite thing is bird watching, because we're on the top floor we're almost level with the tops of the houses opposite and she watches the birds flying about, it's quite comical.
I love these papers.  On my recent trip to Chester i popped into Hobbycraft for some brushes and decided to give them a try on my collages.  I usually get my patterned papers from my stash of wallpaper samples i've collected over the years, but these looked so pretty and they were in a sale!

 the much needed paintbrushes and some stamps i found for background decoration (which were also in a sale)
Well it's back to work tomorrow after a very lazy day off today, but i don't mind a bit.  I'll lie in until about nine(ish), i can shower, get dressed, have coffee, breakfast and walk the dog before i have to stroll into the shop, which is just through the door from the kitchen.  Ahhhh!

Tomorrow (in a quest to do constructive things through the day) i'm making lots of lovely new felt brooches for the shop (ready for Spring) and i have some new business cards to paint. 

Have a good week everyone.