Sunday, 29 January 2012

I predict a riot...

A riot of colour...
I've had a brilliant weekend (and even managed to do some more work on my collage painting through the week)
 The highlight was seeing the Kaiser Chiefs play in Llandudno on Friday night...they were amazing.  We booked into a hotel next door to the venue and as Nicci was looking after the shop for us and gave us strict instructions not to rush back we did a detour on the way home to pick up some Ebay bargains in Stafford and spent the rest of the day in Leek looking around their gorgeous antique shops and having a nice lunch....very relaxing.
...and the market

Pencilling in the flowers
 Painted flowers

it's not finished yet, i have a few more layers to do, but have some other works in progress. house painting.  This is what the middle floor corridor now looks like, bright white and looking lovely with the faux panelling removed, gav fixed the architraving around the doors and we did the painting between us through the week.  The carpet, or narrow runner (it would be a shame to hide these gorgeous wooden floorboards, which are very old) will arrive later this week and we'll try and find time to put up the curtains (Gav's busy doing the tax returns/accounting at the moment so he's flat out).
 A glimpse of the bathroom, i painted the "red" bath a lovely "Steel Symphony" grey and the feet silver.  The wood panelling is only on half of two walls and matches the bath, the rest is bright white - can't find the curtains i want though.
 I also finished my stock of hand made business cards through the week, it's great to get all these things done, customers pick my business cards up all the time in the shop so it's nice to have a huge stock of them ready to put out.
 and I recieved this gorgeous piece of artwork from Micki Wilde, in a mail art swap, i love it.  Thanks Micki xx
Hope you've all had a good weekend.