Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Creative fun...

Here are some of the felt brooches i've been making in my kitchen and at the shop counter during these quiet(ish) times.  They're all for sale in the shop and look stunning together.

 and...i'm still unpacking art supply boxes that have been sealed up for nigh on three years, it's like christmas.  I've found some fab supplies that i'd forgotten i had, like these lovely pastel chalks.  I love using these in my paintings, i lay the colours down and brush over with water, the colour is so intense, although you do have to seal with fixative, but it's well worth it and they go a long way, best results are on watercolour paper.  I invested in some really good ones and chose the colours carefully (most of the yellow one is over my carpet, which is a no no, as it makes a right mess and is difficult to get out, goes well with the pencil sharpenings though.
 ...and my bird stamps i bought from Waterstones, in another life.
 ...my Caran D'ache colouring pencils which i used on all my collages before i packed them up, the colour blending on these are superb.
 ...Dr Martins concentrated water colours - i got these at "Inkspot" in Cardiff, i have a yellow one somewhere...no doubt it'll turn up in one of the boxes soon.
 ...Stuart Gill paints, these are wonderful and can be used on fabric too, they can also be heated for different textures.  I've used the silver one to paint the legs on my bath (i'll show you soon when it's all done, silver, bright white and steel symphony, it looks great).
...more boxes to unpack soon, can only manage a few at a time.

The new shelving in the shop, i think it looks great with all gav's treasures on them, especially the phones.
view through the shop, it's full to the brim