Sunday, 12 February 2012

Slower than the proverbial...

...slow boat to China..

My computer died, it just gave up on me and left me bereft and wondering whether it was the the glass of red wine that i tipped over the keyboard or the glass of Baileys that Nicci tipped over it (Nicci's wondering too!!)

Either way it's stopped working and now i have to look for another one, in the meantime i'm using the one in the shop, which is.... wading through treacle.  So, i've not been able to show you the art photographs i've taken or the latest ones of the shop, so bear with me.

However......I am so loving this furniture...

I could find somewhere to put all of this in the house!
(might have to chuck a few things out mind you)

These bits and pieces of furniture are what Gav and i are thinking of collecting and selling at Indigo Moon, we've seen some really nice cupboards recently and there are only two problems! one is finding room in the shop and the other is whether i could bear to part with them!