Sunday, 30 October 2011

Beautiful Day

I really love the Autumn season, it's my favourite time of year, and even though the leaves make a nice mess as they fall, i love crunching through them on walks around beautiful Montgomery.

I thought i'd show you some of my wooden art brooches i've been making over the last six months.  I sell these in the shop and am continuously running out, people love them, which is good for me as i love making them.  The backgrounds are slightly different on them as they were made at different times with different materials.  My favourite ones are the ones with parts of original vintage letters in the backgrounds.  Each letter told it's own story and some were so old that deterioration had set in through fading of ink, brittleness of paper etc, this is a good way of preserving them for a while longer.  Enjoy.

a day with my beautiful girl
Nicci's been here with us for half term week and we had such a nice few hours out on Monday.  Gav wasn't feeling too well and couldn't come with us, so we had some mother/daughter time.  She's such a treasure and amazing company, we talk about all sorts of things, not least her love of books and what she plans to do with her life  I love listening to all her ideas for her college projects and life and the books she recommends that i read, all that in amongst her telling me how much she's in need of the lastest IPad, but can't afford one!!!! 
We decided not to go too far and initially went to the Old Station in Welshpool for coffee and lunch.  Then we decided to go to Powis Castle, which is just a few minutes up the road from here.  It was so lovely to see her face, i was transported back to when she was a little girl, it's one of her favourite places, she was so excited to go there. We walked around the house and gardens for hours, chatting and taking photos. 
These are her photos taken on her Blackberry as, when we got there, i discovered that i'd forgotten to take my camera.

Me walking on in front

My halloween window display....MWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone