Saturday, 1 October 2011

Here comes the summer!!

Can you believe this gorgeous sunshine we're having here at the moment? 
 Such lovely balmy weather. 

This is Montgomery Town Hall all decorated out for the Charleston Evening tonight. 
Doesn't it look brilliant?  Broad Street was buzzing behind me when i took this photo, it was really warm, the Checkers had opened it's doors and people were arriving to dine for the evening and the Castle Kitchen was just starting to serve their evening food and had their tables and chairs out on the pavement, it was so nice.
The Town Hall is such a lovely building and it's nice to see it being used.  Gav and i had our wedding reception and evening party here (lovely memories).  This is the downstairspart of the building , needs some work, but it's ok.  Pippa, Louise et al have done a fabulous job doing it all up for the party.
This is the upstairs, sorry the photo isn't good, but i took it just before the party started and I was in a bit of a rush, but it gives the idea.

More moving around in the shop.  We were offered a dresser unit by one of our "new" neighbours a few weeks ago.  We thought it would create more space for our Christmas stock so set about shifting things around (hence my chronic bad back at the moment!). 

Bare walls at Indigo Moon, awaiting dresser
It;s a great big thing and Gav got a friend to help him to collect it and move it into the shop thankfully.  It was huge and has very dark wood and as we don't have time to paint it, i've partly covered the back panels and shelves with some pretty wrapping paper to lighten it up a bit.
...and squeezed some other bits of furniture around it.
Anyway have a look around the re-organised Indigo Moon and see the 'new' cupboard filled up
(Lizzie gets in on everything, she loves the shop)

My kitchen looks like a warehouse at the moment so these pretty flowers are a welcome sight.  I got them from Tesco's (Shhhhh...thats a swear word around these parts!!)

 I've just got to show you these.  It's my vintage apron collection.  The fabrics are amazing, some of them are home made and some of them are commercially made, but they're all pretty unique.  I'm not sure what i'll do with them yet, I may package them and put them in the shop, but i just love them and are loathe to part with them.

Poor Lizzie, she's looking a bit sorry for herself in this photo!
She was spayed on Wednesday and also had to have a cyst removed from the top of her head, bless her, when they cut the cyst it was bigger than they thought and she has a load of stitches.  Nicci's calling her Frankenstein. 

 ...i love this greeny/bluey colour, i think some of our furniture in the shop should be painted in this.  Here are a few gorgeous images i found on the internet (sorry i can't name the sites they're from, but none of them are mine).

 OK...i know it's not blue, but i love these.

It's nice also to hear that my dear friend Annie's daughter is on the mend now.  They've all been in my thoughts and i'm so glad things are better for them.

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought"
 ~Wallace Stevens