Thursday, 3 November 2011


Had a fab birthday yesterday, but.....
.....I'm never drinking again!!!
I didn't even drink that much, just a bottle of wine at the Checkers
(which i shared with Gav)

....oh.....and a few Lysh G&T's before that

So delicious...but as you can see...not much in a bottle!

Gav cooked a gorgeous meal for us, i had birthday cake and "I love You" candles.  Loads of pressies and cards and also....

Gav booked my party for my 50th birthday celebrations next year.  So excited, he booked the "Cover Sluts" again for the night and i'm thinking up some good rocking tunes for them to play!

Thanks to all you lovely people who sent happy birthday wishes and extra special love to my lovely hubby, my gorgeous girl and my amazing sisters (Karen and Cathy) and mother (in-law) for spoiling me.  Love you all lots.

Now...where did i put those headache tablets?