Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is what my kitchen table has been full of this week! 
Back by popular demand, my lovely wooden button brooches. 
I made forty of these in the summer as a bit of an experiment and put them in the shop and they sold like hot cakes and as i've been asked by so many people to make some more, i thought i would.  I've had some new buttons in since i made the last lot so there are a few more designs available.
I have some really nice small plastic bags which i thought i'd put them in with an attached label, i think they make nicer gifts when presented in this way.  I'm currently designing the label as these will be sold under my "Sugar and Spice" label, which will be one of my etsy shops, but  more about that when i get a minute

Aren't these gorgeous? 
Delicate slivers of wood cut into shapes and covered with fabric!  Each one is different.
These ones are covered in lace fabric
And, of course, just had to get some butterflies....so pretty
...and with christmas coming......some reindeers too, very sparkly...
These are going on hair slides or bobby pins, they're all ready to go, i'm just waiting for Gav to dig out the proper glues for me...have to make sure they stay on, the stuff i used to experiment with didn't work, they just fell off after a while.

In addition to the above, my last batch of buttons contained these pretty little heart shaped ones and they look adorable on these rings.  These sell really well in the shop, so i need to get on with my pretty labels today, they'll make nice stocking fillers.

Wednesday night saw me at the Activity Centre here in Montgomery with the "Montgomery Ladies Club" making enamel jewellery.  Here's the Kiln with everyone's work ready to fire.

Ruth and Carol creating
These were Carol's creations, she made them into earrings, they're so beautiful
These were my creations, not so patterned and pretty, but deliberately so because i wanted to use them as embellishments on Gavin's birthday card (sorry about the photo)

Talking of which...the man himself!
The candles he's holding were Nicci's cake candles for her 3rd and 4th birthday many years ago (he's 44 actually, but as close as he could get)
Fire Hazzard!!!!!!
Couldn't quite get 44 candles, but i did my best, i think i got about 20 on in the end
...and of course, Lizzie had to join in
Deep breath Gav, and don't forget to make a wish!!

Aren't these amazing?  Gav bought them the other day as parts for his phone restoration business - already thinking how fab they'd look in my sculptural assemblage!  Wonder if he'd miss a few!

Awww...couldn't resist this. 
One of our pretty tables sold last week and i put this one in it's place.  It looks lovely with the vintage cake stand and trefoil dish on it.  The pattern under the glass is vintage fabric and is admired by everyone.

So....next on my list is preparing for my teaching group session with the Montgomery Ladies Club in November.  I've decided to do "Mind Doodling" and have been preparing some finished specimens.  We're going to make a gorgeous brooch, a small picture and a book mark, using repetitive patterns.

Well that's it for today, except i received gorgeous mail art this morning from Mindy Lacefield (photos in next post), i'm ecstatic about it, she's been one of my favourite artists for such a long time.  I participated in her "Mail Art Monday" scheme and she shows all the art she receives on her blog, have a look and see if you can spot mine (he he, not difficult as there are only two this week).  I'll post the new packaged "Sugar and Spice" Items later in the week.

....and to say congratulations and all our best wishes to Diane and Tim (my sisters sister-in-law) who got married a few weeks ago.  They look gorgeous and i love that dress.