Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh Lizzie, Lizzie....naughty Lizzie


or very naughty?
Yesterday was our day off from the shop, we've been so  busy lately, not just with the shop but with decorating the kitchen and doing the exhibition, that we decided to have an early finish (i.e. 6pm) after some more reorganisation in our store room.  We'd had a nice lunch at the Ivy House and finished at 6pm to take Lizzie for her walk.  The plan was to get back home, have a few snacks for tea (as lunch at the Ivy House had been substantial) and then relax in front of the TV and gather our thoughts.  However, Lizzie decided otherwise and when out walking she rolled about in fox poo (could have been badgers poo, not sure!!!), she looked and smelled dreadful and there was no way we wanted her back in the house like that, but as it was too cool to hose her down in the yard, i had no choice but to shower her. 

Now, i'm not sure if anyone has ever tried to get a large dog in the shower but my incentive for getting her in there was a handful of peanuts which i threw into the shower cubicle for her to follow, but she was very sneaky and made sure she kept her back legs out of the shower whilst she stretched over to eat the ones i'd thrown in!!!  So....here i am holding up her back legs, like a flipping wheelbarrow and trying to push her into the cubicle and her so very determined not to go and Gavin laughing at us - i'm sure any sane person would have just given up and hosed her down in the yard, cool or not and serve her right!  Anyway, after some force, by now this means me in the shower cubicle, dragging her in by her poo soaked collar we got there and i managed to switch the shower on and get her clean.

Here are some photo's...but...don't feel sorry for her...the little madam got her own back by absolutely refusing whilst in the shower (even when i'd switched the water off) to shake and instead did it when she stepped out into the bathroom (my nice clean bathroom that i'd cleaned in the morning)....so now, instead of having to clean just the shower cubicle again, i have a whole bathroom to do....so much for a relaxing evening!!!