Monday, 8 August 2011

Exhibition Day 4

I'm really enjoying the exhibition, i've met so many interesting people these last few days.  Today was fairly quiet, but Mondays usually are in Montgomery, our shop is closed and some of the other businesses too.  There are lots of visitors/tourists here at the moment from all over.

Here are more images of some of the small assemblages on show.


A photographer from a local newspaper came to take some photos today, not sure if he'd heard about the exhibition or whether he was just in Montgomery anyway, but hopefully it'll make the paper this week, he took loads of photos, but will probably only use one, if any. I'll let you know!

Gav and i are multi-tasking this week, running the shop, the exhibition and decorating the house, or trying to.  We started reorganising the kitchen this week and moved one of the victorian housekeeper cabinets from the shop in (which was what we bought it for).  We've also brought in our fifties cabinet from the shop now, which looks great.  We got paint from Bunners this morning and started on the cupboards, it was so funny, we wanted the paint the same colour as one of our neighbours front door, so we got a colour card from Bunners and when the neighbours went to work, we compared the colour on the card.   The kitchen's a terrible mess at the moment, as we have the plumber here again sorting out some things, but we're getting there slowly, it's like one of those sliding puzzles moving everything around.  Not good for my poorly back either.

Next on the agenda is for us to decide where we want to go on holiday in September sometime.  We have visitors in the next few weeks and again at the beginning of September, after that we're having a proper (albeit delayed) honeymoon.