Wednesday, 31 August 2011

All work and lots of play!!!!!

We had an enormous amount of fun on Sunday night at Andrew Logan's Jewellery Parade  in Berriew.  We weren't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be quite special.  It promised lots of fun and surprises and we weren't disappointed.  Celebrations started off at his Sculpture Museum in Berriew with the "Anniversary Parade" which was a show of his fabulous jewellery by his "magical models".  I have some amazing photos, but unfortunately i'm having trouble uploading them at the moment, i'll post again when i've worked out what the problem is.  Here's a photo (not mine) of his Cosmic Egg which is the first sculpture that greets you as you come through the door of the museum, it's massive and breathtakingly beautiful.
 Andrew Logan

Then we all went off to "Vaynor Hall" in a vintage coach for cocktails, no less
(how the other half live eh?)  ha! ha!
This Country Home is beautiful and the views are stunning. 
We had cocktails on the archery lawn...
 - very posh -
...and we strolled arm in arm up and down it looking at the beautiful scenery and garden. 
(Again, I have lovely photos but will have to post them when i sort out the uploading problem).
After Vaynor Hall and cocktails it was back to the museum for food, which was superb, and a party.  Definitely put my name down for next year's event, although, a few of our friends, who were "Magical Models" are doing their best to persuade us to dress up and model next year, mind you it did look like amazing fun, and i'm up for a laugh!

Another fun event coming up is the Charleston Night here at the Town Hall, i've already been roped in to going to the charleston dance classes by Shaz and Tiggy (hmmm! getting out of it as they're gonna call for me !!!!!) 

Shop News
Indigo Moon has been incredibly busy these Summer Months, whilst i'm not complaining, I'll    tell you Gav and I are completely exhausted.  Our stock diminished rapidly a week at a time and we were constantly needing to place orders with suppliers and take deliveries (our kitchen still looks like a store room!), we desperately needed some help, someone to run the shop for us whilst we got on with the other stuff would have been good, but it was nigh on impossible and we just had to get on with things.

Anyway...all that aside I wanted to show you photos of some new Vintage Style jewellery we have in the shop, it's stunningly beautiful, thank you so much to lovely Julie of "Emily Loves Vintage"...this is just a few samples, there are loads more in the shop.

I was thinking yesterday whilst serving customers about the many different things they buy from us.  Gav and I have a really good system, which happened quite by accident, in that he mostly (in fact always) buys in all the vintage goods for the shop, he works amazingly hard at finding all the gorgeous things and not only enjoys it, but seems to have a natural eye for what people want.  This weekend we sold a pair of Vintage Scales and four old vintage phones as well as numerous pieces of Art Deco pottery.  I tend to deal with the newer items, i get to peruse websites and catalogues selling the most gorgeous scarves, handbags, purses and jewellery, and then other sites looking at living accessories for bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens etc, sometimes Gav helps with that but the jewellery and scarves he's happy to leave me with.  Here are some scarves and jewellery i've recently been looking at, so much eye candy...i love my job, we're a great team and it's like Christmas when it all arrives.

I wouldn't go back to being a Medical Secretary for anything! we approach September we know things will get quieter for a month and then hopefully, pick up again for the Christmas period, so we've decided to close for a week in the middle of September and have a break.  We're off up to Barmouth again hopefully, we really would like to try somewhere different but to be honest we're so exhausted that we don't have the energy to think about it too much, so we'll go back to the lovely cottage we've stayed in before, which we know will suit our needs.  Beautiful views out to sea with gorgeous sunsets, lovely walks on the beach with Lizzie and time together to just gather our thoughts, rest our minds and recharge our batteries...can't wait.

"Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold, but other times it's essential to take time off and make sure the most important decision of the day is simply choosing which colour you'll slide down the rainbow on". 
~ Douglas Pagels