Thursday, 16 June 2011

When i started this blog a few years ago I really didn't expect to still be doing it now, i thought that i'd lose interest, but as time went on i found it incredibly healing to carry on. It helped me focus on my life through a very difficult time.  This week Gavin and I heard some sad news concerning some really lovely and special people in our lives and it got us both thinking that life does sometimes throw bad things your way without your permission or any human input.  We don't have total control healthwise over our lives and there is no rhyme, reason or fairness to what people can suffer, it makes us vulnerable.  We should be ever more focussed on ourselves, our loved ones, our lives and our achievements because what we do have control of is how we use the precious time we do have. 

I've made many big and small decisions to live the dream i've settled into. For me life now feels more manageable as far as routine is concerned, a perfect balance of family time, work time, alone time and fun time. On my recent wedding day a close friend commented that I seemed much happier these days, and it's true. I feel peaceful and more in love with my life than ever before, I feel inspired creatively in ways I haven't felt in a long time and am so excited about new projects and forthcoming exhibitions that I can't sleep, but It's good when that happens. I find that I'm an entirely new person and although still living with an open exposed heart, protected in a new life that finally feels familiar and perfect - one that I thank my lucky stars for every second of every day. Thank you goddess, spirit, universe, world, and every dear and gorgeous soul in my life that helped me through.