Sunday, 12 June 2011

More Assemblage Art

The weather here today has been so bleak, raining and cold all day, the shop was quiet so both Gav and I sat in the kitchen just chatting together, and playing with Lizzie. We had a nice lunch and planned the changes we want to sort out in the shop and then looked through some magazines trying to decide what we want to do in the house now that we have a bit more time to think about it. There's no rush to get things done though, we have a massive bedroom with beautiful old beams and oak floorboards and we've been looking for an antique four poster bed and a persian rug that would suit it. There's a fine art auction in Shrewsbury in the next few weeks so we might find what we're looking for there.
These are details of some more assemblage pieces i've been working on for the exhibition, I've not finished them yet but i have eleven pieces now, all of which need some finishing touches.

I love these Moleskine Cahier journals, these are a few of the ones i bought at a bargain price! lucky me... i thought i'd do some artwork on the covers which i've seen other artists do and thought i'd have a go. I did this one for Jessica as she was feeling a bit sad!
Eye candy...gorgeous crocheted flowers from Carmen at Annie Design on Etsy, i ordered loads of them, i fell in love with the gorgeous colour combinations she uses. I have lots of ideas for these for the shop i don't know where to start.

I opened some new packs of bath mallows in the shop the other day, how yummy do they look? and the smell is gorgeous.

"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind"
- Wayne Dyer