Thursday, 2 June 2011

Our walk through Lymore today with Lizzie.
Little Lizzie, nice and clean, enjoying the sunshine and a good run around the field.
but....then she found a ditch!!!!

A wet and very muddy ditch!'s either the shower or a night in the garden for you Miss Elizabeth, naughty puppy! 
Couldn't help laughing though.  The grass in the field was so long, at first we thought she was just lying down in the grass, that is until we heard the water sloshing and then she appeared like the monster from the deep.  It was a job trying to get her back on her lead then, she was having so much flippin fun running in and out of all the muddy water, she's filthy.

Exciting, awaiting a huge stock delivery early tomorrow morning! lots of new (much needed) goodies for the shop. We'll have a busy day tomorrow checking it all, but it'll be nice to have it all in the shop ready for the weekend. New Jewellery boxes and jewellery holders, garden stuff, it'll look so different when it's all in.

New Art Work
Just trying some new ideas out, this was a small wooden tree picture i got from "East of India", one of our suppliers, unfortunately, it was damaged and even though they refunded they didn't want it back, so i removed the picture from the front and did my own. What's nice about these wooden pictures is that they have holes drilled in the top sides and string threaded through for hanging si it saves me a job of fitting the saw tooth hangers on. I'll order three or four and see how they sell before getting quantities.
And these are some more assemblage pieces i'm working on, i've got nine almost ready now for the exhibition, these ones aren't quite finished yet, but i've had lots of enthusiastic comments from customers in the shop whilst i've been working on parts of them. I'm looking at having an exhibition in the middle of August, but i've quite a bit more work to do before i can actually set the date as i don't want to have to rush getting things finished.

Awww look, gorgeous puppies next door. These photos were taken from our top floor window.  They're so entertaining to watch.  They must be about nine weeks old now and are fighting all the time and so naughty.

Some more felted brooches
I still need to put the buttons on these ones but they'll look fab in the shop.
Throwsters Waste, silk for embellishing from my lovely sister Karen

And these lovely photos of Jessica and Emma.
 These two are of Jessica, Jenny's little girl, in the yard here playing with Lizzie.  She was out there for ages laughing her head off bless her, she loves Lizzie, she comes from a farming family and is used to animals and Lizzie is so good around her.

....and Emma, Louise's little girl. Louise arranged my hen night for me, she did a brilliant job too, eighteen of us in the Checkers and then on to the local Indian restaurant, a lovely surprise. This was Emma's new pony, Louise was leading her around Montgomery and they stopped off to show us and say hello.
 I thought i'd show you some of the lovely Art Deco jugs Gavins been buying for both the shop and for the house.

"Happiness is a warm puppy".
 ~Charles M. Schulz
".......or perhaps a mucky one!" - Annie