Thursday, 23 June 2011 last...

Artist Tina Gilmore
The Old Bell Museum, Montgomery
5th August -11th August

Well that's it, it's booked!  My first art exhibition, I Can't believe i've done it.  I was originally planning to have this exhibition at Indigo Moon, but this will be better for me as we'll have lots of friends and family staying here at The Armoury through August and it will be difficult to do the exhibition without utilising our kitchen area.  I'll have use of the conference room to the side of the museum for a week to exhibit and I will be the first of three exhibitions in August!  It's very nerve racking and exciting.

Which means... i have about six weeks to finish preparing. Nearly all my artwork is done, i just have some finishing off elements to do, but then i have to think about making up some more business cards etc and then how to advertise/market it.

So....see you there if you can make it