Friday, 20 May 2011

Well......that was the best Manics gig i've been to, and i've been to a few!!!! The place was rocking and my favourite song "Motorcycle Emptiness" was the second one they did, but for one awful moment i thought "Design for Life" was relegated to a spoken version by Nicky Wire, but they came up trumps in the end and JDB did a fab solo accoustic rendition of "Everything Must Go" - truly amazing!!

These are some close-ups of my latest brooches i've done by special request of Indigo Moon customers. I've done a huge batch and each and every one unique. Some are in the shop and some are going into my Etsy Shop, once i get the hang of listing again, which i promise i'll do by the weekend. These went out a few days ago and i've sold three already!! They have a piece of an original letter dated 1919 to a Mr Kidson at Radley College Cambridge (where he was training to be a vicar) from his mother. The letters were lovely, but the paper was already deteriorating as was the ink etc, i like to think this is a way of preserving them for another hundred years or so. One lady bought one to take back to Oxford for a close friend and couldn't wait to tell her the story behind it.

Now..."what's this?" i hear you say!

"it's a plug" obviously
"well, it's not attached to anything!  Should it be?"
"oh yes!  it was and should be attached to the vacuum cleaner"
so......" Who unattached it?
"I wonder!"......

"It wuzen me, honest"

"maybe Gavin did it?????"

"ok, ok, i own up, it was me"
" still love me don't you?"
"you can have my favourite toy"

..."'ll have to chase me for it first!!!!"

I took these photos of Lizzie today, she'd been for a walk with Viv and Tony down to the canal at Berriew! she was already in the dog house so to speak following the plug incident and yes she jumped in! she came back stinking dirty and soaking wet.  But....awwww bless....she looked so cute and happy...untill she got chucked into the yard to dry off that is!!!

“The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog"