Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sooooooooo excited....

This is Venue Cymru, in Llandudno and it's where we'll be later...watching the Manics.....yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
My most favouritest all time, ever, band.....
This is the second time we've seen them at Llandudno, so we're shutting up shop at 5pm today and heading off into the sunset...well probably rain actually...but's the seaside, bound to be a little sun!!!! We've got a B&B booked for the night and are going to grab fish and chips to eat on the beach (how romantic!!) before the fab!

and then.... on Saturday night....more exciting stuff again.....

This is the Manchester Evening News Arena...
and it's here that we'll be going to see....
...Roger Waters "The Wall Live"

Amazing ...i can't wait!!!

"What have we here laddie?
mysterious scribblings?
A secret code?
No! Poems, no less!
Poems, everybody!
The laddie reckons himself a poet! get back/i'm alright, Jack/Keep your hands off my stack/New car/caviar/four star daydream/
think i'll buy me a football team...
Absolute rubbish,laddie
teacher slaps pupil with a ruler
Get on with your work"
- Pink Floyd