Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Love begats Love"

Such nice things happening in my life.

Do you believe in Karma? Someone recently quoted to me "Love begats love"... how true that is don't you think? If you have a heart full of hate and spite it will ooze out of you..but..."love really does begat love"and if your heart is full of love and kindness .... thats what you get...

...which is just what i got yesterday when i met up for lunch with Jo and Annie. Fabulous lunch, lots of laughter, funny stories, sad stories, frustrating stories and then back to Annies for a crocheting lesson. Poor Annie and Jo, trying to teach me...i can collage and paint but crochet, knitting and sewing is simply beyond me. I barely got past being able to tie the first slip knot to start off, Annie and Jo were so patient bless 'em, but at least i did get the hang of the basics and now feel more comfortable having a go, least I will after lots more practice!!!

In the meantime, these are the new brooches i've made.

These two were gifts for Jo and Annie, i've made 'ninety one' of them.

The background collaged writing is part of an "original" letter dated 1919 to a Mr Kidson at Ridley College, Cambridge, from his mother whilst he was training to become a vicar.

They sell really well in the shop, and i may even put some in my Etsy shop. Some other good news is that sales of my art have done really well over the last few weeks, i've sold a few pieces, large and small and some even more good news is that i've had two enquiries as to whether my piece of art published in CPS is for sale!!! I really am excited about that however, i have my first "solo" art exhibition planned for August and i'd like to keep it until then at least, but after that i'm happy to sell it....i just have to decide on a price!!!!

This is my wedding present from my lovely husbandwe trekked up to Chester a week before the wedding to find the Jo Malone shop, i'd tried everything else but this perfume is my favourite. My friend, Sian, first bought it for me for christmas a few years ago, it was one of the nicest presents i'd ever had, and since then nothing else will do, at least, for special occasions anyway.

...and...this is whats left of m ywedding bouquet, oh happy days, it brings back so many wonderful memories of a special day, marrying this lovely man with his kind and gentle soul... i keep thinking of it all, how happy we were/are and how happy everyone was to be there sharing it all with us, special friends and family...and special moments....the emails we've had from people saying thank you for such a lovely day
...and all the beautiful wedding presents we received.

How special is my life? I have my darling husband, my gorgeous special daughter and my Lizzie Whizzie to share it with. I have a beautiful home, our own very successful businesses, it's so overwhelming and i've never been so happy in my life.

"When i was in junior school, I was told to write down what i wanted to be when i grew up, so I wrote down "to be happy". The teacher told told me i didn't understand the assignment, I told her she didn't understand life!" - unknown (adapted)