Sunday, 22 May 2011

New artwork finished today
This is another set of five in a series (one is missing, it didn't photograph well), the last set was called "Little Blue Houses", this set is entitled "Little Blue Birds".

Gav and i went to Manchester last night to see Roger Waters "The Wall" Live - the experience is best summed up by one of Gav's mates on the Manband Forum:

"Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, until fairly recently when I belatedly embraced very early Pink Floyd, have passed me by. I didn't really know this tour was about The Wall sort of revisited. I only fleetingly knew The Wall was a kind of concept. I thought this would be a in a gig. That is a band playing and that's it. At risk of being pretentious, this was so much more than just music, as good as that was. From when the plane crashed into the wall, and onwards, I was as much entranced in the meaning of it all. And I felt there were so many ways of interpreting it. Frankly, that was fascinating me even more than the music, and caused me surprise that so many in the audience were drunk, screaming out as if it was Iron Maiden or Saxon!!. So much so, that i was thinking am I being a bit deep here, therefore at 8am this morning, I googled 'interpretations of Pink Floyd The Wall' to find reems on the subject, so I wasn't alone. In summary, I absolutely loved it, and am still thinking about those vivid graphics, imagery, and I did read a number of the epitaphs during the interval. Amazing".

Here's some footage on youtube it's worth watching

We're feeling shattered as we didn't get in until about one am, it's a two hour drive from Manchester.  The shop opened at twelve today and when we shut at 4pm we went for a lovely walk up to the Montgomery Monument to make the most of the beautiful afternoon sunshine.
 We've beem meaning to get up there for a while to scatter Alice's  ashes (our beautiful cat who died last December).  She always liked to be high up so we thought it was a good place for them to be scattered.  I'm sure it was quite emotional for Gav and as he released them they blew towards home and then settled in the grass!  The beautiful box that the ashes came in we placed in the fenced off hedgerow - it's so beautiful up there and you can see the monument from most directions driving into Montgomery, it's nice to think of her there!

The views are so stunning, the Shropshire Hills in the distance (I think Twiglets house in there somewhere, those are the hills she sees from her window!!)

...and back home, Lizzie enjoyed it too
Look at this beautiful, gorgeous girl, she loves being outside running around, she's smiling

My window boxes i did just before the wedding...still going strong

We felt so refreshed and invigorated when we got back, it's still hard to believe that we're surrounded by so much beauty right on our doorstep, we quite often think how lucky we are and try not to take it for granted.  Our lives are like constantly being on holiday, we never tire of the things we do, we both love the shop (and our other businesses) and all that they entail and when we do go away it's no hardship coming back here.  We have our first anniversary of the shop opening on the 27th May (can't believe it's been a year already), we could never have guessed the success of it in such a small rural location.  We've built up a following too with visitors to the area returning with friends and family and other people telling us they've been told they "must" visit, it's amazed us.

Have a quick look around Indigo Moon, it's looking quite gorgeous at the moment

 New Button delivery (well half of it anyway)..aren't they gorgeous

"Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, and life will become a beautiful success".
- Louisa May Alcott