Sunday, 15 May 2011

Busy Days...

I can't believe it's four weeks since our wedding, I had planned some major relaxation time once all the organising was over, however, we desperately needed to do our stock take in the shop which is a phenomenal amount of work, and only the two of us to do it. We're now about a third of our way through the list after some early mornings and late(ish) nights. All that on top of two bank holiday weekends (we open the shop on bank holiday Mondays) so we've barely had a day off or a minute to catch our breath. Nicci's been poorly so hasn't been able to help much and Poor Gav's had his music business to catch up with as well as the admin paperwork for the businesses. In addition we've had huge deliveries of new stock and, as we wanted to get into good habits regarding computerising all the stock, it had to be booked onto the computer and coded before it went out on display!!! Happy Days!
Having said that, i did manage to get into my art room for some creating time, albeit later in the evenings. As you know i'm working on pieces for my solo exhibition and am also approaching some galleries to see if they're interested. Here's a sneaky peek at some current assemblage pieces i'm working on:

I've only shown small details of a few of the pieces i'm working on, I have quite a lot to do to get all this organised and prefer for people to see them wholly finished at the exhibition, when it's arranged.

Gorgeous Bracelet
This lovely gift was given to me by my new sister, Cathy. She carefully chose it as she wanted to give me something special as a way of welcoming me to the famiily, but more to welcome me as her sister. It's so beautiful. Cathy, like all Gavin's family is a lovely genuine person, with a kind and gentle heart and soul and i adore her. Thank you so much, i'll treasure it.

And....I just have to show you this...

our lovely picture from Jo and Annie, hand made by Jo (aka Twiglet). This photo doesn't do it justice, it's made of fabric and lovingly sewn together into this gorgeous work of art depicting the front of our shop (Indigo Moon), she's so clever and it's such a lovely, personal gift.

and...Our Chimney sweep, which accompanied us to the church on our wedding day, from our lovely friends Cecilia and Peter, hand made by Cecilia. He sat very proudly at the front of the church and had to be rescued at the end of the service, i'm sure someone was ready to run off with him!

Finally, our lovely new en-suite bathroom!! Ta da....'s not actually en suite yet, the room it's ensuited to (if thats a word) is currently our living room, but hopefully we'll be changing it to our bedroom sometime soon. It's massive and i love the old beams, although i find the old meat hooks slightly spooky and sinister. Gav's going to clean the beams at some point, but there's a huge amount of room in here and the bath is so luxurious, i can't wait until it's attached to our lovely bedroom. The beams run right through into the bedroom and the rest of the bedrooms down the corridor (this part of the house is essentially the attic), we're so glad we got this done, but there's still a lot to organise and decorate in the house, but we're getting there.

"The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you're in the bathroom!" (anon)