Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Art Quilts

I thought i'd have a go at making some art quilts, i'd always fancied it, but not having a sewing machine had always made the basics very time consuming. Now i have one....well...

These are my first experiments. The one on the left is an embellished fabric table mat and has a vintage book page under some netting, bits of an old embroidered lace tablecloth sewn over that and various other embellishments, a crocheted flower and button, with beads and pieces wallpaper. This one below was the very first one i made and i love it. It's on some old shirt fabric, with lace, buttons, beads, ribbon, wallpaper, a key charm and a fabric padded heart.

The words read "Live your dream"

This one was done on some old curtain fabric i got from a charity shop. The map page is from a vintage map book depicting the area around Montgomery. The flowers are made from wallpaper and stitched on and a pearl charm and teardrop bead was added to give weight.