Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So much fun...

Don't ask me why, but i had an inkling to make something using all the wallpaper samples i'd got from DIY stores. Have you seen all the beautiful wallpapers around these days? So much colour and texrture. One roll i found couldn't be torn off by hand as it was so thick, almost like textured linen so i took it to along to the service desk and was asked to bring the roll to the counter where the assistant would cut it for me (apparently health and safety doesn't allow me to have the scissors and cut it myself, not responsible enough, i could cut myself so i was told and then sue the shop because it would be their fault for thinking i could be trusted with such a dangerous implement, added to this apparently was the issue of my potential to injure someone else!!!!! I wouldn't have minded but the assistant who was telling me all this and who was allowed to have the scissors was only about twelve!!!!). Anyway, i'm not complaining because when she did cut the paper she gave me almost half the roll, and there's me trying to be discreet and take just a few inches. I told her to hang on and went back and got about ten different rolls, i ended up with enough paper to decorate a room! It was fab.

These were the results...christmas decorations. They're not finished yet i'm going to embellish them a bit more, but i think they look so nice.