Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lovely evening with Jo and Annie last night. Darling Jo, bless her, came over last week and kindly took all my wedding bow sashes back with her where she carefully ironed them ready to tie. Then i went over to hers last night to tie them on the chairs and had a lovely surprise as Annie was there too, which was just as well because she came in handy to hold the knots in place whilst we tied them...he he he!!! Seriously we were a great team and got them all tied in record time and now their looking gorgeous all over Jo's spare bed, safe and sound ready for the day. I can't thank them enough for their help, Annie has done all our wedding clothing alterations for us, they're two of the most kindest and loveliest people I know and i love them to bits - Thank you both

I needed to find some things to do to help me start relaxing and wind down a little before the wedding, so yesterday i made these lovely rose rings.....they were so easy and fun to make and i'd even sold one by the end of the day.Other than that "wading through treacle" is how i'd describe events here these last few days. As if weddings aren't stressful enough to organise we had the misfortune to have to have had the most apathetic person to deal with as regards the booking and organising of the reception venue. With less than four weeks to go i simply asked her last Monday what time our team of caterers could get into the kitchen on the day, to which she calmly replied that they "couldn't" at least not until "after 12 noon because there was a coffee morning there"!!! strewth...we're getting married at twelve and the reception is due to start at 1.30pm - Instant panic.

Anyway, we eventually managed to sort it out and the coffee morning was cancelled, but this was only after a meeting with the town mayor and the threat of complete anarchy in Montgomery with the possible hiring of bouncers to keep people out of the town hall and a protest march down broad street in my wedding dress Ha! It all took it's toll though, the ridiculous woman was incapable of admitting to her mistake of double booking the venue which ended up with words and bad feelings between us and the coffee morning people. I felt drained and upset by it all as well as wasting two days of precious time trying to sort it.

Mind you, my living room is sparkly clean now as a result, i tackled it in such a temper....he! he! he!

I made these cards in the shop today, they're watercolours, i just need to embellish them with some gold inks and can't wait to see them in the shop.'s one i made earlier (not)...the wedding cake!! Gav and i put it together yesterday, which wasn't fun, it's a bit wobbly! but we're working on that, we marked all the layers with the dowelling rods and put the pillars in place and managed to just save it from Lizzie by a hairs breadth...phew!!!!!. Obviously it has to have the flowers on it yet and i have some nice pearl headed pins to go around the ribbons. It's all sealed up in boxes for the moment ready to re-assemble, we're so pleased with it, it's going to be fab. I think we've just about reached the point where we can start relaxing and let all the excitement and loveliness take over now. There are a few last minute things to put into place, not to mention the cleaning, but i'm sure it will get done in time, i'm trying not to worry about it anymore. We're all (Nicci, Gavin and me) having a day out in Chester on Monday for some last minute weddingy things, perfume, make-up, underwear etc and then i'm due to have my first hair appointment next wednesday.

I won't have time to post anymore before the wedding but i promise you all lots of lovely photos after the event. Thanks so much to all of you who have emailed with your wonderful good wishes for both the day and with your congratulations and lovely comments on my published article in CPS, it's been overwhelming. I had planned a celebratory evening here at Indigo Moon for the CPS publication but, unfortunately, have run out of time, so am planning an exhibition sometime in May, when i'm, hopefully not so hectic.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow and never stop questioning"

- Albert Einstein - (adapted)