Saturday, 12 March 2011

...the plumbers never finished on Wednesday, after they said they would...they were off for two days last Monday and Tuesday with food poisoning. When they got back to it on Wednesday they were set with a few other problems, like wrong adhesive for the floor tiles and the fact that the bath didn't fit into the waste pipes! They disappeared rather quickly on Friday afternoon once they realised that they couldn't finish until Monday! They have to build a plinth for the bath and fit it and sort out a few other things,hopefull they'll finish by the end of Monday and will take all their rubbish...i'll be so relieved....but despite all that the en suite looks fab.

Anyway, thought you might like to have a walk around "Indigo Moon" with me, it's looking rather lovely at the moment:

Button Brooches I made last week...all thats left
They look nice in the dish on the counter
and...this parcel arrived...from the states

25 copies of Cloth Paper Scissors with my feature in
for the exhibition/open evening we're planning at the end of the month

and....(shameful) this is what my work room/studio looks like at the moment

full of boxes and everything we needed to move out of the way of the plumbers, this is one of my jobs for next bring some semblance of order to the place.

I can't believe how close the wedding is now, it's quite scary. We got the cake last week (Gav's in charge of that, i've not got a good reputation with cakes!). All the chair covers have arrived, the bows arrived yesterday and i'm trying to decide whether to tie them all beforehand or leave them until the Friday night before!! We have so many friends travelling here on the Friday (from Leeds to Portsmouth) we're having an open house through the afternoon and a get together in the evening so we can say hello to them properly. It's all very very exciting.
We have a final meeting with the caterer on Tuesday to tie up all the loose ends and then it'll be all systems go, with initial hair appointments, crash diets and most of all, a massive effort to clean the house up so it's ready for visitors.

I bought a very pretty, delicate shrug/bolero last week to go with my dress, it's a lovely cream lace and looks so nice on my shoulders with long bell sleeves. I wanted Nicci to have one in black to go with her dress and got her to try mine on to check for which point she burst into song and an Abba impression, saying all she needed was the platform shoes!!! there's no hope.