Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Utter chaos...is just about how i'd describe my home at the moment. I'll post some piccies tomorrow to show you and then you'll all understand why i've barely had time to read any blogs create or join in any fun lately.

In the meantime i just had to show you this from today, it was so hilariously funny. As you can see this is Lizzie, "naughty Lizzie" actually having great fun with me in the yard today picking up all the dead clematis the plumbers had had to remove from the side of the house, but as fast as i was putting it in the bin, Lizzie was dragging it back out onto the floor. After about half hour of this i went into the kitchen for coffee, where she promptly weed on the floor, i was quite cross as she just doesn't seem to be getting the hang of going outside yet and all i said was "who did that?" in quite a stern voice...whereby she shot outside and hid behind the bin. I went outside and this is how i found her, peering over the top of the bin at me. Luckily the camera was nearby recharging it's batteries.

Awww...she looked so cute and funny, i quickly forgave her

This felt brooch was given to me today by a customer, it's so gorgeous and she's such a nice lady.

WOYWW to follow, i've taken photos today because my workspace won't look any different tomorrow, i'm sure you'll be shocked at the chaos!