Sunday, 30 January 2011

Award and a tidy creative art room!!!

Thank you so much to lovely Jo aka twiglet for this award and her really kind comments. Jo and her sister Annie aka Wipso not only take thee time to visit me here in Montogomery regularly they take me out for coffee, and supply me with their gorgeous creations and fabulous company at craft fair(s) - They really are special people.

There are some conditions to accepting this award, i have to pass it on to 3-5 other favourite blogs, which i will do as soon as i can pick them out from the hundreds i follow! so bear with me on that one.

Thanks Jo.
I managed to spend today in my workroom, tidying, sorting and then creating, i've been using it as a store room recentlyand could barely get through the door. It's been quite a relaxing week, the shop hasn't been too busy so i've managed to get a lot done, even some stock taking. I've been on a strict diet, working so hard at making sure i fit into my wedding dress, still got a bit of work to do though.

These are my new brooches in the shop, quite a few of which have sold already.

Gorgeous flowers from Jo and Annie last week, still going strong, daffodils are my favourite.

The shop is looking briliant at the moment. When we closed off the extra room after christmas we had to find a place for stock in the main part of the shop and the "Country Works" gave us this old card stand, which looks good and is obviously better for storing our cards on (they'd been in drawers up until then)...
...and we got rid of one of our old glass cabinets and put the vintage china cups and saucers on the the housekeepers dresser, they look fab with the teapots and milk jugs.

I have to show you this amazing clock Gav and i got from an auction last friday, we fell in love with it. It's an art deco clock garniture and so beautiful.

It has a working pendulum, keeps reasonably good time and chimes. It's for our living room when we get around to decorating it, we thought we'd go for an art deco theme, just need to find something to put it on, we don't have a mantel piece!

Mondays seem to come around really quickly these days. Gav and i are spending our day off tomorrow house clearing down in South Wales (we've sold my house down there) it'll be a messy job so i'll be up early in the morning, on with scruffy clothes and off to get that sorted. Wish me luck!