Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I can't believe Wednesday's come around again, seems like only yesterday i took my last photo .....
....this is my real workdesk today. I know it's a mess and i'd like to say it's not usually like this, but it is! I love the mess i work better.
A close up of what i've been working on this week, although it's turned out nothing like i wanted it to, the background colour was meant to be more of a yellowy/gold colour.
A close ups of my Golden paints, of which i couldn't manage without, i love these paints, the colours are amazing, and there are so many to choose from, these are always on my desk

Also on my desk a fab box of old watches and some boxes of old watch faces, Gav got these for me from an auction, great for steampunk!

These are on my sewing table, which is separate from my painting workdesk, these are the needle felted christmas decorations i made for my teaching workshopI did at the Ladies Group in November.

also on my desk, a valentime matchbox shrine, although I made this a while ago.

And these are old vintage books, also kept on my workdesk, i bought them from an auction last year for about £5 (they were in a box with loads of others), to use in my artwork!
Well...that was the intention anyway....but i was recently reading through the January copy of Homes and Antiques and there was a feature on collecting old books, mainly those about Household management, like Mrs Beetons etc....and there on the page was a copy of a book called "the book of Hints and Wrinkles" which is about the fourth blue book down on this pile!!! H&A say it's available from an antique store for £45 that's just one - here are eight of the set and i have another seven somewhere! I was so excited. I bought them for the gorgeous little diagrams in them to use in the background of my collages! Mind you the one in the magazine had a red cover and not blue, but other than that they're exactly the same. Better not cut them up i guess.
Gav's Works desk!!!!! ......... blimey thought mine was a mess.

Hope you're all having a fab wednesday, if you feel like showing off whats on your work desk pop on over to Julia's blog and/or catch up with all the other desks, i'm off there now.