Sunday, 23 January 2011

Friends and Coffee

So lovely the other day to see both Jo and Annie, they called in to the shop on Saturday afternoon with flowers and whisked me away for a coffee and a natter. I'd been on my own and busy all morning as Gavin and Nicci had gone to the auction at Bishops Castle and had just returned, a coffee with two lovely friends was just what i needed. Thanks to you both
I found these gorgeous pebbles whilst we were at Barmouth last week and also a lovely pebbly beach. Lizzie, bless her, couldn't quite manage the steps and ran along the sea breaker, Gav had to quickly grab her....those fluffy ears...sooooo darn cute!!! Funny, cutey little ducks outside our holiday cottage door

We felt so peaceful (and cold) watching the waves crash onto the beach, we left when it was too cold to stay any longer, Lizzie got frozen and Gav had to carry her back up the hill, but she enjoyed it. We talked about buying a holiday cottage of our own to escape to whenever we wanted some time out, it's only about an hour and a half to Barmouth.We did some wedding planning too:
Loving these wedding shoes...they're so pretty, but maybe a little too high!
Nicci, and I are off to Shrewshury tomorrow with Gav to do some serious looking around for wedding stuff, maybe i'll find them!
Funky, wonky wedding cake! I love this, it's like my art ones i draw.
or this? kinda vintagey.
Wedding cheese cake, Gav loves this and there's a fab cheese shop in Llangollen which we'll check out next time we're there. Perfect flowers, i love those delicate cala lillies

I found these photos i took in the summer when gav and used to go for our evening walks around Lymore (before it got too dark). We love this house, obviously it needs a lot of work, Gav and i talked about possibly buying it one day, maybe having the armoury as completely commercial and living here.

Can't believe how busy the shop has been this last week,we were expecting a really quiet time, but it's not happening, not that i'm complaining mind you. I sold another few pieces of my art this week too and have a commission for another piece. Also, i've sold about ten of the brooches i made and they only went into the shop last Tuesday! I'm having great fun with wet felting at the moment and experimenting with some bracelets which i'm quite pleased with, amazing colours. Photos to follow (when camera batteries are re-charged). Bye for now.