Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy Thoughts...

Gavin and i have decided to shut the shop and have booked a cottage on the beach at Barmouth for a week. We're off tomorrow but will be back next Saturday to open up again. It's a good time to take a well earned break, it's been so quiet this last week, although we've been busy again today. We expected a quiet time and initially planned to go at the end of January, but the cottage we wanted wasn't available. It's right on the beach, Lizzie will love it, long walks, plenty of fresh air and loads of relaxation, it has a bath so we're taking loads of bath bombs from the shopOther things we're doing while away is planning the wedding and making some decisions on how to decorate our house. I have loads of magazines and a pen and notebook to make notes of our ideas and what we want.

Here are some images i found whilst browsing the net for ideas, I just thought i'd share them with you. You know that feeling when you look at something and the visual effect just makes you smile and feel happy, whether it's the design or the colours, all of these make me feel happy when i look at them, and OMG I just love this amazing bed so much, i might have to enquire on where to get it.Similar but made of metal

I love these..."just a little boudoir mirror" by Pamela Angus

First room to decorate is the bathroom... we love this cupboard

I've been doing some creating too, just have things to finish off and will post when i get back.

Bye for now