Monday, 21 June 2010

Well earned day off

I've had such a lovely day today. The shop is shut on Mondays and we decided to get out for a few hours. We couldn't go far as we have a rock star visiting us tomorrow (Gav's filming an interview here) and we needed to get back to tidy up and for Gav to prepare his filming equipment. We combined our time with a quick visit to one of our suppliers in Shrewsbury for more stock and then headed back down to Clun, for a nice lunch, a walk along the river and a walk to the castle. This is Clun, in Shropshire, (not my photo i found it on the internet).

This is the bridge over the river and the brown brick building you see on the right is where we intended to go for lunch, except it was shut.So we wandered across the bridge and up to the town in search of a cafe. Gav and i are on a quest to find the perfect baked potato, our experience of baked potatoes in cafes so far have been so dire that we don't usually order them we decided to try once more and stopped at this llittle cafe. Gav ordered Tuna and sweetcorn with his and i ordered baked beans with cheese.
The first thing i noticed when mine arrived was little blue bits of mould on the cheese, i thought i was seeing things, then i asked gav to taste it (Ha!) i thought there's no way that anyone would put blue cheese on a baked potato, i like blue cheese but it's a very acquired taste. Gav thought it was blue cheese, i thought it wasn't and that it tasted gone off. As i tentatively pushed the cheese around the plate i found a few more bits of, what i was now convinced was mould on gone off cheese. How desperate am i? i was so hungry i pushed all the cheese and beans to the side of the plate and continued to eat the potato and started on the substantial salad served with it. INow,i must admit here that the potato was actually very nice, in fact the nicest i'd ever had in a cafe (had i found the elusive perfect baked potato i wondered) However, as i picked up a forkful of salad i'm confronted by bits of gone-off purified lettuce covering everything, and was so put off i couldn't eat anymore so we paid and left. Gav's salad was the same, although he finished most of it before he discovered it was past it's best. Yeuch!!!! What is wrong with people? they charge enough for food when you eat out, the least they could do is make sure the food is within date, even if they can't cook it properly, there was no excuse it's slovenly and lazy, i'm sure they wouldn't have eaten it themselves.
We consoled ourselves with a white magnum ice cream and have decided that we'll take our own food out with us from now on.
However, none of this detracted from our lovely walk around the town, across the river and up to the castle. It was such a beautiful day, it was a very romantic, hand-in-hand walk, we talked about the wedding and how lucky we were to have our lovely shop and be our own bosses, admired the gorgeous scenery and soaked up the warmth. I was so relaxed when we got back i decided to leave the cleaning until tomorrow morning. I'm sure i'll regret that tomorrow.
Off to bed now, Nos da xx