Monday, 14 June 2010

Yesterday morning as Gavin, Nicole and I were off to the Sunday Market, at 8am (Much to Nicci's disgust), when we realised that our shop still had the "Open" sign showing. Yes...we'd forgotten to turn the sign over yet again.
This was a makeshift one we did quickly when we opened and as you can see it's held on with blu tac. It's quite fiddly and didn't look very nice, whenever i did manage to change it over i usually put it upside down!!!

So....when we got back i decided enough was enough and set about making my own permanent one. I found the perfect sized piece of wood, gesso'd it and layered it with old book pages, then grabbed some metallic purple, two tone green and blue paints and painted and rubbed back and painted again, then rubbed back again revealing some of the page words. I then found some large rubber (letters and numbers) stamps and stamped "Open" and "Closed" on the back and front of the block in the metallic purple, then i edged the letters in black felt and put two little hooks on it and placed it in the door window. Here's what it looks like, i may do a few more arty things on it, but it'll do for now, don't you think?
As we closed the shop yesterday at 5pm the sun came out and we decided to go for a quick walk around the town, the gardens look lovely

Tall Chimneys

Rain on the roses

Isn't this house beautiful, i love the windows, it's near bunners on Arthur Street and is currently up for sale (for £450,000). It's an old building and for years belonged to the doctors in the town.

These old enamel signs from an age gone by are lovely. This is outside Bunners.

This is a little seating area just opposite Bunners, the path into the trees on the right leads up to the castle. It's an uneven path and gets steeper as you move along, it's beautiful, but Gavin and I refer to it as the "treacherous" route to the need good footwear!

Wherever you are in Montgomery you can see St Nicholas' church tower and clock. This is from Arthur Street.

I love these steps, the house belongs to a lovely lady called Rita, she used to run a bed and breakfast but has since given it up, however she does still rent out the little cottage to the side of it.
Quaint little cottage (Rita's)

Our shop, Indigo Moon, closing time on a Sunday afternoon.