Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"I am not a number..."

We're really enjoying the sunshine here in Mid Wales at the moment, even though it's still a little chilly, however, we've got to the stage whereby if we don't have a break we'll have a breakdown!!!!  It's that serious.  So, after a quick discussion and much searching on the world wide web, we're heading off for a few days for a much needed re-charging of batteries. 

I'm so looking forward to it. Today we're travelling up to Portmeirion and having a few days in the Portmeirion Hotel, nice coffees and walks around the village and through the park.  It's very near Criccieth Castle so perhaps a visit there too.  I'm just about old enough to remember "the prisoner" of 1960's fame, filmed there.
Then...we're back on Friday night as Nicci has an interview on Saturday Morning and we're off again in the afternoon to Aberaeron for a few days as it's our wedding anniversary!  Can't believe it's been a year since that lovely day.


Nicci's having the shop for us and looking after Lizzie, she's such a darling, and so used to it now, so hopefully we can relax properly.

I've not had much time to do any creating recently as we've done loads more work on the house.  We started on the top floor these last few weeks, there are still a lot of unpacked boxes from when we moved here two and a half years ago so we're busy doing that and getting rid of stuff.  The Armoury is looking so much better these days it's been nice to walking around and not tripping over boxes or to have to manouevre your way around dressers and wardrobes in places they have no business being!!!!

Hopefully when we get back we'll have the energy to push ourselves to finish it all ready for all our lovely visitors through the summer, the first of which is Gav's Brother and family in June!

Indigo Moon has been really busy over Easter, a lot of people are still finding us for the first time, we're having to be very innovative getting people off the square and round the corner to us, but it seems to be working.  Gav has some more new shelving almost ready to go up in the shop so i'll do lots of photos when i get back.

In the meantime i'm going to enjoy and make the most of my precious few days away with my lovely husband.