Monday, 2 April 2012

Assemblage Jewellery

I bought these gorgeous Stampington magazines last week following my jewellery making "inkling", they're almost like books (hence the price - £14 each) but they're well worth it.  I've been having a go at making some "assemblage" jewellery, in the style of Nina Bagley and Deryn Mentock, it's not been as easy as i thought it might be, working with wire is not what i'm used to, but at least i'm finding my own style and having fun practicing the techniques.
  i decided on a design and put together these supplies from my stash of treasures: the dyed and stamped muslin (and satin ribbon) i made last week, a piece of pretty victorian lace ...
 some stunning glass beads in lovely greens and blues
 a tiny tin that holds pen nibs
 and this is what i made
 It's not finished yet, but i'm quite pleased with how it's turning out
I made the fabric part from circles of different fabrics the centre one being a watercoloured piece of muslin and hand stamped.  Then i dug out my little sewing machine (which i haven't used for ages) and stitched the circles together...
i made the wrapped wire nest using Deryn Mentocks tutorial I bought on Etsy for £5, it takes a bit of practice and i haven't got it entirely right, but i'm working on it.  I'm hoping i can get it finished completely over the next week or so, along with some others i've started working on.

It's been a busy few days here at The Armoury, Gav and i went down to Swansea on Friday night to George's 30th Birthday party, it was nice to meet up with everyone and was very relaxing until we noticed the flat tyre on the car and had to get the RAC out (not having much luck carwise lately, the exhaust fell off last week!) and when i twisted my ankle and done my back in again! 

More tidying and work going on...this is what the corridor looked like this morning, a complete mess...
 but, thankfully, was all orderly again by the afternoon
 nearly all the middle floor is done now, we have a few bits and pieces to finish off but nothing urgent.
 new mirror...

 and...the guest bedroom last Monday....
the Guest bedroom this Monday
All in all it's been a productive few days and we're always pleased when 'home' things get done.  After the hard work clearing the corridor today we thought we deserved a treat and popped over the Ivy House cafe for coffee and cake.
"Give your stress wings and let it fly away"
~Terri Guillemets