Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy First Anniversay to my wonderful hubby for last April 16th
 and thanks to all our our family and friends for the special cards and messages you all sent, you're all very special

Special anniversary wishes too (for last April 17th) to my lovely sister, Cathy and Garth and to Annie and David on their 30th year,
love to you all.
Gav and i had an amazing weeks holiday to celebrate (as you know we couldn't go far because of the shop) but my gorgeous girl did a grand job here of holding the fort for us and we managed a week of complete relaxation in luxurious accommodation, with long walks and nice meals, it was just what we needed.

This was our hotel in Portmierion Village (The Portmeirion Hotel), we had two nights here and the weather was beautiful.  There's something really nice about being able to explore the village in the evening once all the visitors had left for the day.  We managed to get one of the lookout points to ourselves one evening and took wine, glasses and cheese and crackers to watch the sun set - very romantic!!!

Views from our hotel room window

Part of the lobby

another part of the lobby

Gav in "the Prisoner" chair in the reception area

One of our lovely long walks around the park

Hide and Seek

Boo, "bet you didn't know i was here!"

me being brave, there was quite a drop behind me

Self Portraits

Tarzan? ...........possibly?

After Portmeirion we went to Aberdovey overnight, had more long walks along the beach, visited a lovely gallery and looked forward to our evening meal. Didn't manage to take any photographs of Aberdovey as the batteries ran out on my camera.

Then we went over to Aberaeron for a few days.  I love all the houses here, they're all different colours ranging from Strawberry, raspberry, mint, pale blue, dark  blue, orange, red and plain whites or even a brick in sight, very colourful.  Not much to do at Aberaeron though so we had a day trip out to Cardigan and found a lovely gallery, where i bought a handbag (I know, another one, but Gav offered to buy it and I couldn't refuse......could i?......)
This shop at Aberaeron made us laugh when we arrived, I guess thats inflation for you.

In the meantime, Blogger has changed it's look and i've found it the most frustrating thing ever. I'm all for change if it's for progress but come on, saving what i'm writing after every three words is a bit much, it freezes the screen whilst it does this so i spend a lot of time waiting - i'd rather just save it at the end in one go.  The new way of doing things is not user friendly i don't know whats going on wit them.  Posting on my blog used to be relatively quick, easy and enjoyable and even relaxing (as it should be), i now have to prepare myself for the frustration blogger causes with it's constant, ridiculous and unwelcome changes. 

Sending all my love and thoughts to my dearest and bestest friend Ange.
Helen was a much loved sister and i hope you all find the strength and comfort you need from her precious children and family and friends to help you through this difficult time.   xxx
As she danced in the light with joy,
her love lifted you. As she brushed against
this world so gently, she lifted us
T.C. Ring
(adapted from the Butterfly)