Sunday, 6 November 2011

House woes

Both Gav and i are so fed up of our home looking like a warehouse and it's hard at the moment not to feel depressed walking around here, dodging piled up boxes of both new and vintage shop stock and furniture in places it shouldn't be! 

This is currently our living room (soon to be our bedroom) we have a gorgeous en-suite bathroom behind that far wall, you can see the wardrobes (in pieces) stored here and our bed is in the other corner, in pieces too. 

Our bathroom, we removed the hideous carpet, revealing an even more hideous floor, which consisted of some gorgeous oak flooring interspersed with chipboard!!!!  Gav's replacing the chipboard here.
The cupboard is from the shop, it'll eventually be going in the bedroom

The middle floor corridor with what will be the living room at the far end!
The soon to be living room at the end of the above corridor, this is the awful wall panelling that we're removing (that's my job this week) to have the wall re sealed and insulated.
...and gav's job replacing some of the floorboards in this room too.
Top floor corridor with dressing table in pieces!
It's enough to drive us mad, but the builder should be here next week to do some work for a week or so and then we can finally start moving this furniture into the rooms and tidying and clearing walkways. 

Gav and i have been looking for new rugs and curtains and to cheer myself up i've been looking for inspiration on how to decorate some of the new rooms. These  rooms are the "home tour" photos of the fabulous Kelly Rae Roberts.  I love the simplicity of these rooms, they radiate calmness and happiness and i'm using her style as a basis for some of the rooms i'm doing up.  The bedside cabinet is to die for and i have loads of spare chairs/suitcases/trays here!!!  Enjoy